Wednesday, December 31, 2014

a lone way

Without my friends

I feel as though passing slowly

through some void,

I have forgotten light

Even though the sun burns

with less and less heat

It shows me the mountains

but they feel unattainable

Eyes glued to the screens

whether active or inactive

my retinas start to burn

like the aforementioned sun

Progress tries to blossom

and progress does become a bud

but nothing more than that

and later, the insomnia returns

come back, just come back

I had never realised

how much I needed your voices

to carry me through

and now darkness will swiftly

sweep me into a state of null

and the old ache will murmur

as I drift into sleep

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Autumn Leaves Us

my body fails me every two months

like frozen blades of grass

that snap and regrow

and my ten toes

wiggle and chill

and my ten fingers

folding out my hands

to reach for another

and in these days

i am grateful that hot summer

is gone and done

and i'll never have to live it again

 so why do i feel like this?

To find out, I'll read another page

in my stack of heavy books

and try and prove my worth

as if it could be proven

by marks on a page

Thursday, October 30, 2014


Life is:

Singing, rain, tacos, the sunset, coffee, your voice, a nap, and a cozy sweater.

And maybe a million thoughts and maybe a million things on the to-do list.

But that doesn't matter.

gone on
to the dreams in my darkness
through the orchard
if we just find this love, it's yours

Saturday, August 2, 2014

How did you get so far away?

I am weeping because of this song.

I have not wept like this in a very long time.

White hot sweaty salty tears running down my cheekbones like little shards of glass.

I am just completely overcome with emotion.

"How did you get so far away?"

Monday, July 28, 2014


Fight fight fight fight!

forcing a darkness away

feeling its depth, like

fleshly thoughts you can't arrange

floundering harder than ever

floating on land, like

fleeting thoughts you wish you'd sever

flecks of dark still

flocking to you, like

fervent demons that keep you ill

fill this empty vessel

folding softly, like

flickering wings wrapped around your temple

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


as i sweat
the pain does not leave me
and the anxiety
keeps me quiet
my brother hasn't shown up
and I doubt i'll be better by tomorrow

i've tried sleeping it off like i have before
and its not working

it's not working

Friday, June 13, 2014

this holy year

it started to sink in tonight,
as i sank into my bed and felt nausea creep through my stomach.


"look at the silly hat they make us wear"

attention attention attention attention oh stop it

the baccalaureate:

as they sang i felt tears spring up but not fall
the weight of the words resonating within me
as i recalled the lines springing forth from my past

but my "newfound reason" quelled me; should I ignore emotion?

ah, the strangeness of it all.

but even as I move,
I do not move

I stay, again in between
neither in
nor out

and tomorrow I walk among a sea of faces again
each with concerns of their own
none less painfully beautiful than the other 

and I know I will wonder again and again and again
how it swirled so quickly
down the stream and on towards the river
raging and roaring, billowing and rolling

and these turbulent waters will not cease
til dancing and cavorting around the rocks and rapids
flirting with danger and weeping as we suffer
we will arrive at some great ocean

and be carried into the arms of the sea
entering from life to death
but not dying in death 
and not living only in life


"life is not the opposite of death.
death is the opposite of birth.
life is eternal."


oh, this holy year
of some great lament
some tragic loss
some deep pain

of love deeper still
to be promised 
but harder still
to accept

oh, this holy year.